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Scopri il nostro elegante notebook realizzato a mano a Firenze. Rivestito con tessuto in fantasia Toile de Jouy, ques...


Scopri il nostro elegante notebook realizzato a mano a Firenze. Rivestito con tessuto in fantasia Toile de Jouy, questo quaderno unisce tradizione e stile, trasformando ogni pagina in un invito alla creatività. Perfetto per appunti, schizzi o pensieri, è il compagno ideale per chi cerca qualità e bellezza in ogni dettaglio.

Ciascun prodotto presenta una stampa unica, derivante dal ritaglio di un singolo tessuto, di conseguenza il disegno può variare.

Dimensioni: 15,5x 22 cm

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Can I find the same item once it runs out?

Our unique pieces and handmade cups represent the most authentic expression of the craftsmanship that characterizes La Ménagère. Each piece is the result of a unique creative process and, once sold out, they will not be available for restock. This underlines the exclusivity and uniqueness of our products, making them true collector's treasures.

What makes La Ménagère products unique?

La Ménagère stands out for the craftsmanship and uniqueness of its homeware products. Each item, from cups to furnishing accessories, is handmade by expert craftsmen, who imbue them with the passion and attention to detail typical of Made in Italy. This dedication to excellence ensures that each piece is not only beautiful to look at, but also one of a kind.

How are the products shipped to ensure their integrity?

Product safety during shipping is our priority. We use packaging to protect each item from damage during transit. Our experience in order preparation allows us to ensure that each product arrives at its destination in optimal condition, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of our items without worries.


To pay homage to the memory of the old shop so loved by Florentine families, we created a space with the ancient wooden display cases of the original Ménagère. Here we offer our selection of household objects chosen with the sole criterion of our taste and the passion we have for beautiful things. Finally, a curated selection of our products is now available for online purchase, bringing the elegance of our assortment directly to your home with a simple click.